cBLISS is Baytek International’s most technologically advanced and feature rich lab management software. 40 years of customer feedback, company investment, and technological innovation have made cBLISS The Industrial LIMS.

cBLISS offers our customers a “simply web” approach to enterprise LIMS and an efficiency improving “fit for purpose” solution for manufacturing lab automation. READ MORE

QC/PLUS is a comprehensive solution, tailored from the ground up for D6299, ISO 4259 and Tier 3 workflows at the Technician, Chemist, and Quality Manager levels, unlike competing solutions which only focus on the QC Chemist. READ MORE

OASIS automates the management of online analyzer data correlation and model creation. 

This web system captures online predictions and associated spectra files then automatically correlates these predictions with the appropriate laboratory primary method data.  Capturing this correlation in the OASIS database allows for powerful charting and chemometric modeling pre-work. READ MORE

All of Baytek’s solutions are optimized and architected to be CLOUD capable. We offer other architecture options but for customers who want the power of the CLOUD, Baytek is leading the way.




BLISS LIMS is carefully designed to enable efficient workflow in high-throughput industrial labs. Technician workflow is simple and streamlined, while promoting data integrity through automatic screening and flagging suspicious data. Highly configurable Certificate of Analysis & Product Release workflow simplifies the many permutations of Customers and Product Grades/Sub-Grades found in Chemicals. Other standard tools for Chemical Manufacturing include SAP/QM Inspection Lot interface and Instrument Automation. The BLISS system was designed and built for the purpose of automating and simplifying your laboratory information management without the need for costly and difficult to support customizations.


Food Testing

Food Testing is no longer just a matter of applying analytical procedures and methodologies to a food sample. With the new regulations imposed by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), extensive scrutiny is applied to the data and report management of everything associated with that food sample. In other words, the food industry will be held to a much higher standard; the food industry will need to produce high quality products while maintaining a fully traceable record of the data and reports that support the sample. Baytek International’s cBLISS LIMS solution through the use of an easily configured system can provide the historical data necessary for full traceability of food and beverage samples from your testing laboratory. READ MORE


There are many LIMS systems available and a different design philosophy and purpose behind each one, but there is only one LIMS built for the purpose of enterprise refinery lab management…only one LIMS with 40 years of proven refinery experience. BLISS LIMS offers simple and efficient workflow to boost technician efficiency, while promoting data integrity by automatically screening and flagging suspicious data. Standard tools for Refining include a robust routine sample schedule, fuels specification management and integrated Tier3 compliance tools. The BLISS system was designed and built for the purpose of automating and simplifying your laboratory information management across your entire enterprise. READ MORE


Environmental Water

The BLISS Environmental Module builds on the fundamental BLISS workflow by adding Clients, Projects, Batches, Sample Delivery Groups (SDG), and Environmental Containers. These attributes and features are important for the efficient and compliant management of an environmental laboratory.

We offer Batch Management specifically geared towards the needs of the environmental lab workflow with functions including: Templates, Tracking, Approval, and an enhanced Sample Delivery Arrival system. READ MORE