Environmental Water LIMS

cBLISS is Baytek International’s cutting edge LIMS system for process laboratories. We are proud to serve other industries as well including Environmental and Water. In order to best serve our environmental customers’ unique workflow needs, Baytek International offers a comprehensive Environmental package for BLISS.

The BLISS Environmental Module builds on the fundamental BLISS workflow by adding Clients, Projects, Batches, Sample Delivery Groups (SDG), and Environmental Containers. These attributes and features are important for the efficient and compliant management of an environmental laboratory.

We offer Batch Management specifically geared towards the needs of the environmental lab workflow with functions including: Templates, Tracking, Approval, and an enhanced Sample Delivery Arrival system.

In addition, the Module provides key automation through the management and automated creation of Shipping Kits and Labels as well as an industry leading Certificate of Authenticity Report (COA) designed specifically for environmental labs.

Environmental BLISS is the LIMS solution for the environmental lab seeking to maximize efficiency, compliance, and value within the lab.

Capabilities of BLISS Environmental Include

  • Management of:
    • Clients
    • Projects
    • Containers
    • Sampling Schedules
    • Sample Delivery Groups
  • Approval
  • Field Log Sheets
  • Environmental Specific COA Management
  • Enhanced Sample Delivery Arrival
    • Sample Delivery Groups
    • Shipping Kits & Labels
  • Batch Management
    • Batch Templates
    • Track Result Information and Set Dilution, Analysis Time, etc
    • Approval Automatic Data Archiving and Replication

Cloud Capable LIMS

cBLISS is for cloud capable BLISS LIMS. Baytek continues to offer the standard web implementation within a customer’s local and enterprise network, however we also offer an industry leading cloud hosting solution. >>Read More about Cloud Hosting