Food Testing LIMS

Is your Food Testing laboratory ready for FSMA?

Food Testing is no longer just a matter of applying analytical procedures and methodologies to a food sample. With the new regulations imposed by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), extensive scrutiny is applied to the data and report management of everything associated with that food sample. In other words, the food industry will be held to a much higher standard; the food industry will need to produce high quality products while maintaining a fully traceable record of the data and reports that support the sample. Baytek International’s cBLISS LIMS solution through the use of an easily configured system can provide the historical data necessary for full traceability of food and beverage samples from your testing laboratory.

cBLISS will save countless hours each and every day by eliminating the slow and tedious, error-prone task of entering results data into what is likely to be a manual paper-based system. With instrument integration, the data will be automatically uploaded from the instrument or data system being used in the food testing laboratory. The added benefit of this automated process is the elimination of transcription errors. This result data will be automatically associated with the proper sample ID that will ultimately be used for sample tracking which provides for the historical traceability of the sample. For example, a single click on the cBLISS Dashboard will produce a report of all results data that is associated with a product recall.

With cBLISS, there is an inherent productivity increase by utilizing automated, multi-level specifications checking. With proper configuration and administrative rights a reviewer/approver need only examine the results data for samples that do not meet quality food standard specifications. Why spend time reviewing data that you know is within specifications?

cBLISS is built on an intuitive web-based interface to provide access from anywhere within the corporate network. With this web-based architecture, food testing laboratories do not require any software to be installed on the local workstations; all that is required to access cBLISS is a web browser. The cBLISS Dashboard provides a quick access portal to necessary tools so that users complete their food testing tasks quickly and accurately.

Coupled with its extensive automation capabilities, easy to use interface and our award-winning 24X7 support, cBLISS and Baytek International are ready to help you meet FSMA requirements head on.


  • Requires minimal user training
  • Significantly lower cost of ownership than competing LIMS products
  • Advanced features not offered by other LIMS such as RFID sample tracking capability
  • Interfaces will all common food laboratory instruments
  • Rapid system deployment
  • Built on more than 35 years of customer-directed R&D


  • Automated data collection and results entry from food testing analytical instrumentation
  • Captures essential information to provide full data transparency and FSMA traceability
  • Sample scheduling and printing of COAs (Certificate of Analysis)
  • Secure 100% web-based solution for storing, processing and reporting all data generated in the food testing laboratory
  • Integrated SQC for trending and spotting food quality related issues
  • Automated checks for out-of-specification results
  • Immediate email notification upon violation of specifications, run rules or limit range

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