In today’s high-tech world, shortages of trained technical personnel are the rule more than the exception. In this environment, Baytek University is well-equipped to meet your training needs.

To support your commitment to Baytek International’s tools, we offer software instruction that covers our tools and the environments in which they operate.

Baytek Training Solutions

Effectively | Trained Personnel | Increased Productivity

As technological solutions expand, the need for technical training also increases.

The link between training and productivity is well documented and the Baytek Training Team is the answer to creating this link in your organization.

User Training

Baytek International offers two (2) methods for technical training:

Customized: Our Professional Services staff can develop and present customized training modules to meet your needs.

Trainer Training: Using training modules developed to meet your specific needs, our Professional Services staff can train your team members to be internal trainers.

On-Site Training

Baytek International can provide customized On-Site Training to meet all of your LIMS training needs.

Our staff can develop and present customized modules to meet the training needs of all WinBLISS user and administrators. Group sized are flexible and will be based on your needs.

System IT Admin Course

Sept 17-18

Corpus Christi, TX
  • Installing Oracle software
  • Installing SQL Server software
  • Creating a BLISS database
  • Database Patching
  • Database Imports and Exports
  • Learn more
D6299 Quality Course

Oct 9-11

Houston, TX
  • D6299 Seminar by Alex T. Lau
  • Laptop provided for hands-on practice
  • Includes both SQC theory and practical application
  • Special emphasis on tier 3 workflows, accuracy and ILCP charting, bias management, and reporting
  • Learn more
LIMS Manager Course

Oct 1-3

Corpus Christi, TX
  • Basic architecture of BLISS
  • Configuring the BLISS LIMS
  • Using standard and special features of BLISS
  • Basic troubleshooting procedures
  • Learn more
Lab Stats Fundamentals Course

Oct 14

Galveston, TX
  • Overview of the normal distribution and standard deviation concepts
  • Repeatability, reproducibility, and site (system) precision
  • Various forms of Bias
  • Site Expected Value (SEV) & Accepted Reference Value (ARV)
  • Review ASTM ILCP outputs
  • Bias assessment for a laboratory
  • Learn more