LIMS Manager Course

“QC Monkey” is a moniker for the ownership and responsibility of your quality control program to ensure:
  • ASTM D6299/EPA Tier III compliance
  • Drive profitability with improved lab accuracy and precision
If you don’t control the Monkey, the Monkey will control you.


Your Path to Managing the QC Monkey

No matter which stage you're in, Baytek has tools to help you. Start with our free webinars. Jump into our Mentorship Program. Purchase QC/PLUS for your lab. Take the D6299 Course. Each piece is strategically designed to help you tame the QC Monkey and we will be by your side every step of the way.

QC/PLUS™ SQC Software

Industry’s only comprehensive workflow-driven SQC package

ASTM D6299 Training Courses

3 day deep-dive into statistical principles for laboratory precision, SQC and bias management

Independent Lab QC Program Review

aka “Cold Eyes Review” with a QC Consultant

NEW QC Mentorship Program

Regularly scheduled “How-to” webinars covering routinely encountered QC problem areas and 1-on-1 Check-in’s with QC Consultants

ALL NEW QC/PLUS™ Super User Boot Camps

2 day course on getting the absolute most from QC/PLUS.  Includes configuration, practice examples, audit preparation and much more!

Don't Miss Your Chance to JOIN This Premium Program

12 Month Program Includes:

  • Initial Site QC Action Plan Meeting and Checklist
  • Quarterly Action Plan Accountability Meetings
  • Live Consultations with QC Doc Alex T. Lau
  • Live Consultations with QC/PLUS Expert
  • Recorded Training Webinars with Interactive Q&A
  • 30% Membership Discount on Training Courses

Free Webinars

We are pleased to partner with industry leaders to bring your valuable training on a monthly basis. These webinars are free to watch so register today.

QC Mentorship Webinar Series with Alex Lau: Taming the QC Monkey Remotely

We know that many of you are working remotely, or have projects canceled, and may be looking to maximize your productivity from home. Baytek is your partner in quality and efficiency. Let's beat COVID-19 together by making your QC program better than it has ever been. Baytek is offering our QC Mentorship Program free of charge during this international challenge.

Upcoming Extended Training

Get 30% off of this class when you join the Mentorship Program

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