QC/EZ D6299


The same powerful QC workflow you expect from Baytek, in a lighter package.

QC/EZ is a SAAS statistical Quality Control charting solution, offering immediate deployment, simply elegant user interface, scalable features, and integrated D6299 workflow.

No software to buy or install, no servers to manage, no long-term contracts, no hidden fees. Get started immediately!

Managing the capability of analytical instrumentation has never been this EZ. Just login to QC/EZ web-application and manage your control charts.

Do not wait another day to deploy an effective SQC program in your lab

Elegant D6299 Workflow and More

Standard Capabilities

  • Visual Status Indicators
  • System Capability Monitoring
  • Sample Backlog
  • OOC Alerts
  • Audit Records
  • Exception Reports and Pareto Analysis
  • Analyst Performance Review
  • User Permissions Control
  • Easiest SQC Solution Available
  • Reduce Variability
  • Improve Quality
  • Prevent vs React to Process Changes
  • No Capital Expenditures
  • Increase Profits
Comprehensive Charting
  • I-Charts
  • MR-Charts
  • Q-Charts
  • EWMA or Run Rule Strategy
  • Q-Q Plot | Histogram
  • Custom Defined Limits Percentile Charts
  • EPA 0.75R Charts
  • Z-Score Charts
  • Pretreated Control Charts

Which Plan is Right for You?

QC/EZ Feature
Number & Type of Users

1 Super User
2 Basic

1 Super User
4 Basic

2 Super User
12 Basic

3 Super User
30 Basic

Number of Charts
1 – 10
1 - 30
1 - 60
1 - 150
D6299 Workflows
EPA Part 1090 Compliance Features
Full Suite of Flexible Charting Options
Pop-up Warnings when Entering Out-of-Control Results
Data Collection, Normality Checks & D7915 Outlier Detection
Immediately Create Chart from Existing Statistics
Performance, Audit & Attestation Reports
Real Time Chart Kiosk w/ Red & Green Status Borders
Tracking of QC Material Lot #
24/7 Emergency Support
Additional Number of Users and Charts
Performance Evaluation of Each Analyst
TPI, Sigma Max & Bias Max Monitoring & Reports
0.75*R & Pretreated Charts for ILCP/PTP
Email Notifications for Out-of-Control Results
XLS Export of Chart Results

Features in Every Tier

  • Individuals Charts
  • Q-Charts
  • EWMA Overlay
  • MR-Charts
  • D6299 Strategy 1 or 2
  • Percentile Charts
  • Custom User Defined UCL/LCL Charts
  • EPA 0.75*R Charts with Check Standards
  • Pretreated I&MR Charts
  • Z-Score Charts for PTP/ILCP
  • Tracking of QC Material Lot #
  • Exceptions Reports
  • Elegant D6299 Workflow for Chart Management & Updates
  • Real Time Chart Kiosk w/ Red & Green Status Borders
  • Fully Auditable History of All Results, Actions, Limits
  • Role Based Permissions Super User, QC Lead & Basic User
  • No Install, Web-based & Accessible from Anywhere
  • Pareto Analysis of Common Cause Variation