BayPORT is a small appliance: an Analytical Instrument Interface Solution and microprocessor based data collector that works in conjunction with the iPRO instrument interface system. The BayPORT/iPRO vision brings a new level of simplicity to instrument   interfacing allowing the user to be insulated from most configuration and setup details.

BayPORT/iPRO will allow for flexible sample ID capture to support varied business rules in the laboratory while also permitting automatic discovery and self-installation of new instruments and interface devices.

With network-based functionality and Bluetooth compatibility, BayPORT is the future of the Analytical Instrument Interface in the lab.


  • Small foot-print in the lab
  • Network Based and CLOUD Capable
  • Centrally Managed
  • Web-Based Configuration
  • Bluetooth Compatible


  • RS-232/RS-485 Input
  • Barcode Sample ID
  • Self-Discovery
  • Archive raw data collection onto internal memory

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