About Us



Baytek International has been providing advanced Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and instrument automation solutions for over 39 years. Our depth of understanding and experience in the process industries distinguishes us from others in the LIMS and automation consulting arena.

Baytek International’s first product release in 1982 was based on the HP-1000 platform, a proprietary database, and software technologies that were common at the time. Today, Baytek International’s product offerings are based on latest Intel™, Oracle™, and Microsoft™ technologies.

Throughout the technological evolution of our offerings, Baytek International has been mindful of our customers’ investments and has provided an upgrade path that preserves legacy data and a continuous return on investment at a low total cost of ownership. This data preservation is evidenced by the fact that customers who invested in Baytek International’s offerings over three decades ago are successfully upgrading to the latest technologies and migrating all of their legacy data.

Our partnerships with key industry providers such as AspenTech™, Microsoft™, Oracle™, OSISoft™, SAP™, Process Instruments™, and Teklynx™ allow Baytek International to provide seamless interfaces and proactive interface updates, which improves the return on your investment.

Baytek International’s steady presence and consistent performance has benefited its customers for more than 39 years. This benefit is especially significant considering the vast amount of restructuring and consolidation in the LIMS industry over the last few years.