RFG Compliance Batch Reporting

Baytek is continuing to develop new solutions to take our customer’s product quality management to new levels.

QC/Comply is a comprehensive system for tracking and reporting compliance with the EPA’s reformulated gasoline and anti-dumping rules and regulations.

This system manages regulated batch tracking for producers and importers of reformulated gasoline, reformulated gasoline blendstock for oxygenate blending (RBOB), conventional gasoline, or conventional gasoline blending components (CBOB).

Baytek’s dashboard displays guide users through the workflow of batch creation, certification, shipment and reconciliation. 

The system populates EPA Unified Report Form for annual or quarterly batch reporting and performs calculations for Fuels Averaging, Banking, and Trading (ABT) credit program



  • Reformulated Gasoline Batch Tracking
  • Product Shipment Tracking
  • Product Transfer Documents (PTD)
  • Quarterly and Annual Batch Reports
  • Annual ppm-gallons Sulfur calculations
  • Annual ppm-gallons Benzene calculations


  • Integrated: QC/Comply is fully integrated into Baytek’s BLISS all-Web automation platform and will interface to 3rd party LIMS
  • Secure and Auditable: QC/Comply is controlled through role-based security. All data is housed in SQL or Oracle database and fully auditable

Fit for Purpose

Baytek International’s methodology is to provide Fit-for-Purpose Solutions. QC/COMPLY was designed for:

  1. Managing EPA 40 CFR Part 1090 Batch Tracking
  2. Shipments and Automatic Product Transfer Documents
  3. Generate EPA RFG Report Form
  4. Annual Sulfur and Benzene ABT Calculations

This off-the-shelf functionality is embedded in the BLISS LIMS platform or may be delivered separately and interfaced to other LIMS platform or may be delivered separately and interfaced to other LIMS

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