"WinBLISS has been the best laboratory data and workload management system this refinery has ever used.”

- Ayda Nalband-Bashian, LIMS Administrator/Chemist

BP is a global company based in London with nineteen refineries globally. BP’s Carson refinery, which is located in Los Angeles, produces 250,000 barrels per day of products, including gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, and propane. It adopted BLISS in 1998 after completing a four-year evaluation process of various LIMS applications.

"BLISS is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Of course, that’s an exaggeration but it illustrates how strongly we feel about the value we have received from BLISS.”

- LIMS System Manager

One of Baytek International’s™ first customers was a specialty chemical company based in Virginia with operations at nine sites globally. When they first started using BLISS in 1985, management had the  aggressive expectation that adopting BLISS would double their lab efficiency from a manpower perspective, freeing resources for redeployment to other plant projects. Within a year of the BLISS rollout, this goal was met.