Anonymous Case Study

"BLISS is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Of course, that’s an exaggeration but it illustrates how strongly we feel about the value we have received from BLISS.”

- LIMS System Manager

One of Baytek International’s™ first customers was a specialty chemical company based in Virginia with operations at nine sites globally. When they first started using BLISS in 1985, management had the  aggressive expectation that adopting BLISS would double their lab efficiency from a manpower perspective, freeing resources for redeployment to other plant projects. Within a year of the BLISS rollout, this goal was met.

Increasing manpower efficiency was not the only reason BLISS was adopted. They faced with a universal problem – keeping track of lab data and delivering it to the users who needed it. Prior to the adoption of BLISS. they did not have a LIMS so the labs worked through a paper and phone system. Anyone out in the units who wanted to access data more current than the daily report would have to call the lab and request the information. Now, data is available in real time, company-wide, on any PC that has been given access.

One of the things the company liked about BLISS was its ability to integrate with the HP chromotography system. This allows data to go directly from the GC into the results database, eliminating transcription errors. Today, chromotography control is even simpler using Baytek’s Advanced Automation and Instrument Management (AAIM) solution. AAIM provides a seamless workflow from BLISS scheduled samples to workload management in a GC laboratory, allowing lab personnel to easily oversee complex lab operations.

One requirement this company had was for their LIMS to interface with the web. With so many labs and employees on several continents, it was logistically difficult to install the software on every PC that needed access to BLISS data. Maintaining and upgrading all PCs with the most current version of the software was equally as challenging. In response to this need, Baytek’s Professional Services group developed a custom web interface for the company. Personnel who deal directly with the product and enter data continue to use the full version of BLISS while those involved in analysis simply access the data through the web. More than twenty years later this company continues to use the web interface as part of its daily operations. And this web interface, now know as WebBLISS is available to another other customer desiring this functionality.