Predicting the future and controlling your product’s destiny has never been so easy. SQCPRO™ Baytek International’s powerful SQC product for the web, gives you the power to see where you are going and control your process.


  • Simple: “Intuitive Interface means instant ROI for every user!
  • Available: “Web platform means no rushing back to the office to view critical data! You can check progress from wherever you are.
  • Valuable: “Ability to spot trends easily helps you adjust production sooner and reduce costly errors (with the help of Run Rules and Control Limits).
  • Secure: “SQCPRO™ is capable of the highest levels of security…so secure you can bank on it.

Other Important Features Include:

One Click Access

Favorite Searches appear on Homepage, with results automatically outputting to SQC. Group Favorites can be created and assigned to entire groups of users!

Integrated with cBLISS Data Entry

See SQC Charts in Real-Time integrated on your cBLISS Data Entry Screen

Efficient and Powerful

AdHoc.NET Query renders thousands of Sample results in seconds! Additional screens for Capability Graphing, Statistics, and viewing Data are available. Set calculated and hard limits. Click on SampleID to view or print a full sample report.


SQC Chart option settings are saved at the user level. Options include: eleven chart types; numerous labels, fonts, and colors; scale, specification, resolution and more!

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