“QC Monkey” is a moniker for the ownership and responsibility of your quality control program to ensure:
  • ASTM D6299/EPA Tier III compliance
  • Drive profitability with improved lab accuracy and precision
If you don’t control the Monkey, the Monkey will control you.


Your Path to Managing the Monkey

QC/PLUS™ SQC Software

Industry’s only comprehensive workflow-driven SQC package

ASTM D6299 Training Courses

3 day deep-dive into statistical principles for laboratory precision, SQC and bias management

Independent Lab QC Program Review

aka “Cold Eyes Review” with a QC Consultant

ALL NEW QC/PLUS™ Super User Boot Camps

2 day course on getting the absolute most from QC/PLUS.  Includes configuration, practice examples, audit preparation and much more!

ALL NEW QC Master Class

Regularly scheduled “How-to” webinars covering routinely encountered QC problem areas and 1-on-1 Check-in’s with QC Consultants

Bonus: QC Improvement Plan Template

Help creating an individualized plan included with each offering
CONTACT US: Sales@BaytekInternational.com

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